Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So who am I and what is this blog about. You might think from the title that I was a male bashing lesbian and you wouldn't be that wrong =/ truth is im just a woman, a beautiful educated driven woman who can't seem to understand my male counterparts....Give me a dildo and a 401k and i wouldn't need a man...damn thats harsh but it is what it is...at several failed attempts of trying to 'find' a good man I've decided to help, better yet educate my fellow XX chromosomes on the M.O's (METHOD OF OPERATION) that we should be following. This is 2009 people...time to do away with the 50's concept of a woman just being a "house wife"...pure nieve and submissive...f*** that...time to keep it real....I'M NOBODY'S HOUSEWIFE!

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