Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Baby Daddy

So if you didn't know, I have a beautiful 1yr old daughter who is the light of my life and my MAIN motivating force...her father on the other hand is like many black men with children....A DEAD may ask why a beautiful women such as my self has to hound down a man for 20 no 10 dollars a month to help support something he help create....well the answer is simple as this....he has a d***. there I said it...while it may be true that there are dead beat mothers *though i can't see how you went through childbirth and it f***ing up your body then leaving* its rare you find a mother that doesn' WANT to be involved let along mother nature constantly telling you, you NEED to be involved....look how huge my boobs got from breast feeding.....

and it was all worth it.....having a d*** must make you less apt to care for something that isn't directly connected to you such as your clothes your house your car and your jump offs...all that takes priority over your seed I GUESS!? when i met him he didn't have much and nothing has changed...see im no baller but i go to school full time work part time and for damn sure take care of mine so what is his excuse....Reccession?? Being black in america??? shut the s*** up grow some balls and man black in a reccession and a woman I DEFINATELY HAVE MORE COUNTED AGAINST ME YA DIG!!!

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