Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can't live with em'........

So we've all heard the expression "can't live with em, can live without em" pure understated bull s***. For starters that doesn't even make sense, either you can or you can't...there's really no gray area when it comes to living with someone right??? That being said I've found myself in a bit of a dilemma....So BD*babydaddy* still hasn't kicked in yet but Im figuring the money i spend on child care i could just put to helping him get a J.O.B. and pocket the rest. The catch 22 of it is if he doesn't find a job in say 2 months then I'll be putting him up for however long.....S*** can a sista get a break lol....and I just got a second job so im working 6 days a week, starting august 17 ill be back in school part time and making sure some way some how im giving my beautiful babygirl the quality time she deserves....and this n**** still wanna b**** about what im doing, who im dating, and how i make my money...BOY STOP!!!!(that's some southern twang for your a**) Just this year I began to take responsibility for my own life, helping my mother pay bill, got my car...on the deans list at school...Men need to learn that women are built ford tough and childbirth only further equips us to deal with the heartache and pain that we will inevitably encounter in life and LOVE....SMH

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