Sunday, July 19, 2009


In my best Coco from SWV voice "i get so weak in the knees i can hardly speak i lose all control and something takes over me" but on the real I did it to myself again....let one of these "men folk" TOO close and of course what did he do....LET ME DOWN!!! There hasn't been a man in my life that hasn't including my pops... Now i know all us black women have our "daddy issues" but my s*** runs deep. I wouldn't even get into it too much but he was the one who made me see that no matter how long strong or intense the commitment is a man's going to do whats in his nature and that's lil wayne em' *if u don't know what that means think "every girl"* It has to be hard to be monogomous with a peen...d*** just flapping in the wind waiting for something..ANYTHING TO DO...the dude was sweet and we were only talking for like a week but what did i really expect...A MIRACLE???what the bumba clot was i thinking?????

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